Digital Solutions for Industrial Businesses

#production planning and scheduling
#resource optimization
#material optimization
#CAD/BIM integration
#energy efficiency

Austra ERP is a modern, flexible and comprehensive solution for industrial businesses

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Use Cases Industries that benefit from Austra ERP

Company: Tenax Group
Polystyrene products and solutions - insulation panels, composite finishing solutions, insulated concrete forms, and more.
Company: AM Furnitūra
Furniture fittings - lighting systems, closets, lifting and drawer mechanisms, sliding systems
Company: Ripo International
Sectional window and door systems, insect screens, roller shutters
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Know - How
CAD/BIM platform
Automation and resource
optimization algorithms
Platform integration
(accounting, IoT, engineering)

Platform presentations

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Presentation #01
Austra ERP Solution Overview
Presentation #02
Austra ERP Technical Overview
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