Product configurator

The product configurator is one of the core Austra ERP modules. It helps companies to create an unlimited number of product types and the configuration of options - dimensions, configuration, color, processing types, and much more.

The product configurations are used in connected system processes - estimation, calculation of bill of materials, production norms, and generation of order documentation.

In this way, when the seller, distributor or end customer creates a request by defining the essential attributes of the product (eg type, color, dimensions), the system automatically creates an estimate, offer documentation, assembly specification, production times, and performs material reservation.


Customer benefits

The use of pre-defined product configurations has enabled the Zeta Industry customers to:

  • Replace countless Excel estimation files that are rigid and can only be partially automated;
  • Provide a unified and standardized channel to create and automatically re-use the information in related processes, thus minimizing the amount of manual effort across business units;
  • Eliminate inaccuracies in communication between customers, accounting, manufacturing, and warehousing.
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