Production planning

Compared to general-purpose ERP systems, Austra's ERP platform is focused directly on manufacturing companies - its aim is to make production planning and monitoring processes as easy and intuitive as possible.


Production planning interfaces

First and foremost, Austra ERP is designed to provide the production planning operator with a complete and contextual amount of information to perform her primary functions - planning and making changes to the production plan - while not displaying redundant information.

The production planning operator and the employees involved in the process can easily:

  • Review the production plan in the calendar view;
  • Use drag-and-drop functionality to create and reschedule a plan;
  • Review the load of production resources (employees and equipment);
  • Review the daily work plan for specific resource items;


Automation algorithms

Second, Austra ERP supports the automation of planning processes. Based on predefined resource capacities and the parameters of orders (production norms and bill of materials), the system is able to create a production plan for a specific period, maximizing the utilization of resources - both human and equipment.

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